Chattanooga Engineers Club

CEC- 3D Printing for Reactor Refueling Training, Robert Temple, Westinghouse

  • 11 Sep 2017
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
  • Chattanoogan Hotel Grille, Broad St
The Use of 3-D Printing to Enhance Reactor Refueling and Maintenance Operation's Training, Mr. Robert Temple, Manager of Operations, Boiling Water Reactor Services of Westinghouse Electric

As a certified nuclear operator for many years before moving into management, Mr. Temple painted an excellent word picture of a Low Pressure Boiling Water Reactor in contrast to a High Pressure Reactor. He then described how the massive parts are sequentially removed and replaced during an outage for maintenance or refueling.

To make an outage (which can last 20 days, runs 24x7, and has many crew turn-overs) more efficient, he developed detailed scale models of each plant using 3D printing. The initial outage plan can be made using the model; and then during the outage every crew turnover updates the model, can practice their moves, and can immediately see the status of the work to that point.  The model concept could be applied to any large or complex job with similar planning characteristics.

 Note: PDH certificates are available for attendance for this meeting.

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