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    • 1 Oct 2018
    • 31 Oct 2018

    During October the Engineers Club cooperates with the Chattanooga Regional Manufacturers Association and the Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce to make tours of manufacturing facilities available to our members and friends.  Please note the various days and times of events in October that are out of our normal pattern and participate as much as possible.

    • 22 Oct 2018
    • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
    • Mueller Training Center, 611 Chestnut Street, Suite 100, Chattanooga, TN 37450

    CEC monthly lunch meeting, Mon Oct 22- SPECIAL LOCATION

    A $10 deli lunch will be available with quantities guaranteed for those who register by eob Friday Oct 19.

    Program:  Coming Soon To A Watershed Near You!

    For the past twenty plus years, the five states that make up the Chesapeake Bay Watershed have been under the direction of the United States Environmental Protection Agency to reduce the levels of nutrients, Nitrogen and Phosphorous, from entering the Chesapeake Bay Estuary. In the last five years, the pressure from the EPA to meet the reductions specified by the Clean Water Act has been steadily increasing and the scope of their involvement expanding. The EPA is looking to implement the same program in other watersheds. This presentation will give some background on how this program came about and how to best work with the EPA once they arrive in your back yard.


    Michael McCaskey has spent 20 years working with farms, agricultural operations, food processing plants and waste water treatment plants to assist them in achieving environmentally clean air and water operations.  Living in the heart of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed and in Lancaster County, PA which is a major source of pollution to the Bay has provided him with experience in waterway remediation from its very beginnings.  Today, he works with major Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations and with public utilities in achieving sustainable operations. 

    Mr. McCaskey has participated over the years in many different state and local governmental organizations including

    • The Lancaster County Manure Council
    • The Lancaster County Conservation District Advisory Council
    • The Pennsylvania Governor’s Agricultural Advisory Council
    • The Pennsylvania Nutrient Trading Program Citizens Advisory Council

    He currently sits on:

    • The Lancaster County Storm Water Advisory Board
    • The Lancaster County Planning Commission Citizen Advisory Council

    • 12 Nov 2018
    • 12:00 PM
    • Chattanoogan

    In April 2016, Tennessee American Water (TNAW) had a large break on the main transmission line feeding about 20,000 customers in north Chattanooga.  After the repair was made, the need for redundant connections across the Tennessee River became even more pressing.  Fast forward two years and TNAW is currently installing a second large transmission line across the river.  This $3.2 million dollar project is slated to be completed by the end of 2018.  The planning, permitting and construction of this project was a major undertaking that TNAW hasn't tackled since the last line was installed in 1963.  Come hear all the unique and exciting details that go into planning a major construction project in the heart of our downtown area.


    Kurk Stafford is the Engineering Manager for Tennessee American Water, the engineering group plans and manages capital projects as well as system planning.  Mr Stafford start his career at TNAW in 2016.

Past events

8 Oct 2018 TOUR of Sofix
8 Oct 2018 CEC- no Engineers Club meeting today
3 Oct 2018 TOUR of Komatsu
3 Oct 2018 ASHRAE- Wed Oct 2 on Heat Tracing [RSVP]
1 Oct 2018 CEC- no meeting today
24 Sep 2018 CEC TOUR- Chattanooga Prep
17 Sep 2018 CEC- <no meeting planned>
10 Sep 2018 CEC meeting- Manufacture & Engineering of Flour Products
5 Sep 2018 ASHRAE- Our New Energy Future [RSVP for lunch by 9/4]
3 Sep 2018 Labor Day - no meetings
27 Aug 2018 CEC TOUR- Chickamauga Lock- reservations closed **see safety requirements**
13 Aug 2018 CEC meeting- TDOT Projects Update (at VW, RSVP)
7 Aug 2018 GreenSpaces- ribbon cutting on Next Gen Home
6 Aug 2018 CEC- no meeting today
30 Jul 2018 CEC- no meeting today
25 Jul 2018 ChSCC seminar- The Mystery of Materials
23 Jul 2018 CEC TOUR - Branch Technology (New Location)
9 Jul 2018 CEC Meeting - The Evolution of Environmental Engineering in the Military
25 Jun 2018 CEC TOUR - Sim Center
18 Jun 2018 CEC- no meeting today
11 Jun 2018 CEC meeting- Engineering Ethics in Action
6 Jun 2018 ASHRAE- no summer meetings
4 Jun 2018 CEC- no meeting today
28 May 2018 Memorial Day - no events
21 May 2018 CEC- no meeting today
14 May 2018 CEC meeting- HCDE Future Ready Institute
8 May 2018 ASME Tour- Lodge Mfg, May 8, 4:00p [RSVP Req'd!]
7 May 2018 CEC- no Engineers Club meeting today
2 May 2018 ASHRAE- [RSVP]
30 Apr 2018 CEC- no Engineers Club meeting today
23 Apr 2018 CEC TOUR- Mon, Apr 23 at noon, TJ Snow
16 Apr 2018 CEC- no meeting today
9 Apr 2018 CEC- Erlanger Energy Plant, Ben Edgar & John Loetscher
4 Apr 2018 ASHRAE- On Time & In Budget, Panel Discussion [RSVP]
2 Apr 2018 CEC- no meeting today
26 Mar 2018 CEC Tour - Victory Sign Industries
21 Mar 2018 SWE- Goal Setting with a Dream Board, DeJuan Jordan
19 Mar 2018 CEC- no meeting
16 Mar 2018 CRMA/ASQ- Lean Journey, Mueller Water, Thomas Castillo [RSVP+$]
12 Mar 2018 Chattanooga Green Prix
7 Mar 2018 ASHRAE- After the Mold Rush- Solving Mold Problems, Henry Slack, EPA [RSVP]
26 Feb 2018 CEC TOUR at 12:30pm- Tennessee Rand [RSVP for lunch]
23 Feb 2018 National Engineers Week Banquet with Dr. Thomas Zacharia [RSVP]
19 Feb 2018 National Engineers Week Luncheon with Tom Kline [RSVP]
12 Feb 2018 CEC- Murray County Inland Port, Illya Copeland
7 Feb 2018 ASHRAE- All Things Refrigerants, Dr. Brian Fricke, ORNL [RSVP]
5 Feb 2018 CEC- no meeting
29 Jan 2018 CEC- no meeting
18 Jan 2018 IEEE- Annual Meeting, Grid Resiliency (Clayton Clem) RSVP
15 Jan 2018 CEC- no meeting
12 Jan 2018 CRMA- Card Monroe's Tufting University
8 Jan 2018 CEC+ChaTech+IEEE- International Maritime Security Associates
3 Jan 2018 ASHRAE- Preventing Condensing in Non-Condensing Appliances
1 Jan 2018 CEC- no meeting
25 Dec 2017 CEC- no meeting
18 Dec 2017 CEC- no meeting
11 Dec 2017 CEC- Reflect & Anticipate, Club results & resolve
6 Dec 2017 CEC- Joint meeting with ASHRAE [RSVP for Lunch]
4 Dec 2017 CEC- no meeting Monday, see Wednesday
2 Dec 2017 FIRST Lego Regional Robotics Competition
27 Nov 2017 CEC- no meeting
20 Nov 2017 CEC- no meeting
13 Nov 2017 CEC meeting- Silicon Metal Production for Photovoltaics, Johan Grobbelaar
7 Nov 2017 ASME- Connectivity in Networked Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Dr. Daniel Pack
7 Nov 2017 CEC- Officers meeting
6 Nov 2017 Putting “D” in HVAC, Jonathan Jones, Ultra-Aire
1 Nov 2017 ASHRAE-
30 Oct 2017 CEC- no meeting
23 Oct 2017 CEC- TOUR at Woodbridge Foam [Registration requested]
17 Oct 2017 ASCE Chattanooga Development Symposium
16 Oct 2017 MFG DAY- Business Incubator
12 Oct 2017 MFG DAY TOUR- Fillauer
10 Oct 2017 MFG DAY TOUR- Astec
9 Oct 2017 CEC meeting- NW GA Bikeway & Pedestrian Routes, Terry Reynolds,
4 Oct 2017 ASHRAE- Code Forum with City Inspectors
2 Oct 2017 CEC meeting- STEP-UP Chattanooga, Dr. Jeff Rector
2 Oct 2017 October Manufacturing Month Tours
28 Sep 2017 ASME season kickoff BBQ
25 Sep 2017 CEC meeting- Redesign of Historic East Lake Park, Mo Minkara & David Mason
11 Sep 2017 CEC- 3D Printing for Reactor Refueling Training, Robert Temple, Westinghouse
7 Sep 2017 Hot-dip Galvanizing by Energ3 & green|spaces
6 Sep 2017 ASHRAE
4 Sep 2017 LABOR DAY - no meeting
28 Aug 2017 TOUR: Davron Technologies, Inc., Ron Speicher, Chairman & CEO, and Stephen Snyder, Mechanical Engineer
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