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    • 13 Jul 2020
    • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM (EDT)
    • online

    Chattanooga Engineers Club monthly Monday presentation -- 

    Problem Solving through Mastery Learning

    with speakers

    Michael Stone, Director of Innovative Learning at Public Education Foundation

    and Kristin Burrus, Global Center for Digital Innovation Lead at STEM School Chattanooga

    (see required Registration info below)

    As workforce needs continue to evolve to meet the ever-changing demands of the modern economy, educators are increasingly faced with the burden of preparing students to develop agile skillsets. Since 2014, a digital fabrication ecosystem of FabLabs and advanced maker spaces has emerged in Hamilton County Schools that is empowering students to learn and grow as they engage with state-of-the-art equipment (including CNC routers, 3D printers, laser cutters, micro-electronics, and traditional woodworking equipment). However, rather than focusing on learning discrete skills related to specific technologies, the teachers running these labs are using them to grow students as independent, agile problem solvers, capable of quickly learning new skills and applying them to solve new problems. No longer do we talk about “master teachers.” Instead, our teachers have evolved into master learners who model how to effectively identify, analyze, evaluate, and apply new information to solve a dynamic range of problems. This was recently evidenced when 68 teachers contributed more than 1,000 volunteer hours to create a 3D printing farm at STEM School Chattanooga  where they designed, produced, assembled and distributed more than 7,000 face shields for medical providers during the first month of the shutdown brought on COVID-19.

    Michael Stone, Director of Innovative Learning at Public Education Foundation, and Kristin Burrus, Global Center for Digital Innovation Lead at STEM School Chattanooga, will share how they led this work and how these teachers are transforming learning experiences for students through digital fabrication.

    Register for the session through Zoom here (not on the CEC website as had been done previously).  You will then immediately receive a link and password by email.

    CEC members may request a 1 PDH credit within the registration process.

    • 27 Jul 2020
    • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM (EDT)
    • 2802 Bell Arbor Avenue, Chattanooga, TN 37406

    Chattanooga Engineers Club monthly tour at PlainView LED

    2802 Bell Arbor Ave.

    Chattanooga, TN 37406

    Joint Program with AGC East Tennessee and Chattanooga Regional Manufacturing Association

    PlainView Group is a Chattanooga company founded by Todd Plain consisting of two companies- Plainview Outdoor Advertising and Plainview LED. PlainView LED is the newer part of the business with sales of LED sign products and technology domestically across 10 states. These products are sold domestically as well as internationally to billboard operators and a network of sign shop distributors.

    The company had originally planned to build a facility at property located at Bonny Oaks Drive and Highway 153, but the Bell Arbor property suddenly became available.  With an existing  10,500 square foot building on 5.3 acres, in one of the city's opportunity zones, it made more sense to relocate quickly in this existing facility. It has ample office space, is ideal for assembly of both small format business digital signs as well as large format billboards, under one roof with room for expansion. 

    PlainView LED has developed its own proprietary software which allows customers to create and schedule its own content.  Customers can access the software from their mobile devices remotely. The UL approved smart module can be used in all its different product lines. Now with the new site PlainView LED is positioned for it’s share of projected industry growth.

    We will see a company positioned for growth.

    Our hosts will be Daryl Thomson-VP of Sales and Mike Baskette- Sales Manager.

    Tour groups will be limited to 20, a second group starting at 12:30 will be added if over 20.

    Social distancing protocol will be in effect. Face masks will be required. Hand sanitizer will be available

Past events

29 Jun 2020 CEC Tour - Southern Spear & Ironworks
26 Jun 2020 CRMA online meeting - Lower Risk Work Practices During Pandemic 2020
8 Jun 2020 CEC online meeting - Essential Communication Skills During Times of Uncertainty
11 May 2020 CEC online meeting - Internal Erosion Remediation and Dam Safety
6 May 2020 ASHRAE- IT Convergence for Digital Building Technologies
27 Apr 2020 CEC Virtual Tour - Welding Innovation & Entrepreneur
13 Apr 2020 CEC online meeting- Feasibility Study of Concussion Rehabilitation using Virtual Reality (VR)
9 Mar 2020 CEC-Monitoring and Mapping Urban Underground Infrastructure
4 Mar 2020 ASHRAE- Domestic Hot Water Recirculation
20 Feb 2020 E Week - Award Banquet
17 Feb 2020 E Week - Kickoff Luncheon
10 Feb 2020 CEC tour - Skytec LLC
27 Jan 2020 CEC Tour- La-Z-Boy Innovation Center, Dayton TN
24 Jan 2020 CRMA AIME - Importance of Project Management
20 Jan 2020 Social - Competion at Naked River Brewing
13 Jan 2020 CEC- TDOT Projects Update
8 Jan 2020 ASHRAE- Effective Building Operation
9 Dec 2019 CEC meeting- Cornerstones, Preserving Historical Sites
6 Dec 2019 SWE CA - Annual Scholarship Wine Event
4 Dec 2019 ASHRAE- Business Ethics for the HVAC Professional
25 Nov 2019 Tour of the Architecture and Construction Institute
11 Nov 2019 CEC meeting - Drone Application to Detect Cracks in Structures
6 Nov 2019 ASHRAE- TVA's 2019 Integrated Resource Plan
21 Oct 2019 CANCELLED!! Tour of Southtree Digital Media
17 Oct 2019 CRMA MFGDay - TVA Sequoyah Nuclear Plant Supporting Manufacturing with Reliable Energy
8 Oct 2019 MFGDay - Kenco Innovation Lab
4 Oct 2019 MFGDay - Southern Champion Tray tour
4 Oct 2019 MFGDay - Roadtec tour
2 Oct 2019 ASHRAE- Siphonic Roof Drains
2 Oct 2019 MFGDay - Tennessee Manufacturing Association/Tennessee Chamber @VW Academy
23 Sep 2019 CEC Tour of Brainerd High School
9 Sep 2019 CEC meeting- Chattanooga's Big Dig Project
4 Sep 2019 ASHRAE- VRF & Outside Air
26 Aug 2019 CEC Tour, Mon Aug 26- Control Room of Wasterwater Treatment Plant
22 Aug 2019 EPB- Energy Reduction in Pumping & Compressed Air systems
12 Aug 2019 CEC meeting- Assistive Technology
22 Jul 2019 CEC Tour - M&M Industries
8 Jul 2019 CEC meeting- Utilizing Blockchain Technology in E-presciption and Drug Monitoring Service
19 Jun 2019 Lunch and Learn Overview of the Benefits and Methods of Lean Six Sigma
11 Jun 2019 CANCELLED: ASME Chattanooga June Program - plant tour M&M Industries to be rescheduled in the Fall
10 Jun 2019 The Best Kept Business Secret in Chattanooga: ESG
27 May 2019 CEC- no Tour on Memorial Day
21 May 2019 ASME Chattanooga May program - plant tour of Koch Foods
13 May 2019 CHATECH- How to Give a Technical Talk (Vince Phipps)
13 May 2019 CEC meeting- ChSCC Engineering System Technology track
1 May 2019 ASHRAE- Building Loads & Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems
26 Apr 2019 CRMA AIME/AWS/ASQ/IMJAT Joint Meeting - Welding Excellence
22 Apr 2019 CEC TOUR- United Enertech
15 Apr 2019 2019 CEC planning meeting
11 Apr 2019 Bryan College Vogel School of Engineering Dedication and Ribbing Cutting Ceremony
8 Apr 2019 CEC/SWE meeting - ACE Mentor Program and BRIC Awards
3 Apr 2019 ASHRAE- Wed April 3, Thermal Displacement Ventilation
25 Mar 2019 CEC TOUR of Erlanger Energy center, Mon Mar 25, 11:30a
20 Mar 2019 ASME Chattanooga March meeting
11 Mar 2019 “Machine Learning & Cyber Security: How Smart Can It Be?”
6 Mar 2019 ASHRAE- Wed Mar 6- Cooling Tower Suction Piping & NPSH
21 Feb 2019 Engineers Week Awards Banquet
19 Feb 2019 Engineers Week Luncheon
11 Feb 2019 A New Engineering School - Bryan College
6 Feb 2019 ASHRAE- Wed Feb 6- Insulation for VRF/VRV HVAC Systems
21 Jan 2019 CEC TOUR- Ardent Mills Factory, Mon Jan 21 at noon
9 Jan 2019 ASHRAE- Wed Jan 9- Energy Goals & Integrated Design
7 Jan 2019 CEC meeting- Full Depth Reclamation on Asphalt Pavements
10 Dec 2018 CEC/ASME- Interpreting Centrifugal Pump Performance Curves
5 Dec 2018 ASHRAE- Wed Dec 5, “Should’a had an RFI!”
3 Dec 2018 CEC- no meeting today
1 Dec 2018 FIRST Lego Robotics regional competition
26 Nov 2018 CEC- no meeting today
19 Nov 2018 CEC- no meeting today
13 Nov 2018 TVA Tour #2 TVA Chickamauga Dam
13 Nov 2018 TVA Tour # 1 System Operations Center
12 Nov 2018 CEC- TAWC Project with Kurt Stafford
7 Nov 2018 ASHRAE, Wed Nov 7- tour of new Coca-Cola sales & distribution
5 Nov 2018 CEC- no meeting today
1 Nov 2018 City Stormwater Symposium- Nov 1
29 Oct 2018 CEC- no meeting today
22 Oct 2018 CEC meeting- Coming Soon To A Watershed Near You!
8 Oct 2018 TOUR of Sofix
8 Oct 2018 CEC- no Engineers Club meeting today
3 Oct 2018 TOUR of Komatsu
3 Oct 2018 ASHRAE- Wed Oct 2 on Heat Tracing [RSVP]
1 Oct 2018 CEC- no meeting today
1 Oct 2018 October is Manufacturing Month!
24 Sep 2018 CEC TOUR- Chattanooga Prep
17 Sep 2018 CEC- <no meeting planned>
10 Sep 2018 CEC meeting- Manufacture & Engineering of Flour Products
5 Sep 2018 ASHRAE- Our New Energy Future [RSVP for lunch by 9/4]
3 Sep 2018 Labor Day - no meetings
27 Aug 2018 CEC TOUR- Chickamauga Lock- reservations closed **see safety requirements**
13 Aug 2018 CEC meeting- TDOT Projects Update (at VW, RSVP)
7 Aug 2018 GreenSpaces- ribbon cutting on Next Gen Home
6 Aug 2018 CEC- no meeting today
30 Jul 2018 CEC- no meeting today
25 Jul 2018 ChSCC seminar- The Mystery of Materials
23 Jul 2018 CEC TOUR - Branch Technology (New Location)
9 Jul 2018 CEC Meeting - The Evolution of Environmental Engineering in the Military
25 Jun 2018 CEC TOUR - Sim Center
18 Jun 2018 CEC- no meeting today
11 Jun 2018 CEC meeting- Engineering Ethics in Action
6 Jun 2018 ASHRAE- no summer meetings
4 Jun 2018 CEC- no meeting today
28 May 2018 Memorial Day - no events
21 May 2018 CEC- no meeting today
14 May 2018 CEC meeting- HCDE Future Ready Institute
8 May 2018 ASME Tour- Lodge Mfg, May 8, 4:00p [RSVP Req'd!]
7 May 2018 CEC- no Engineers Club meeting today
2 May 2018 ASHRAE- [RSVP]
30 Apr 2018 CEC- no Engineers Club meeting today
23 Apr 2018 CEC TOUR- Mon, Apr 23 at noon, TJ Snow
16 Apr 2018 CEC- no meeting today
9 Apr 2018 CEC- Erlanger Energy Plant, Ben Edgar & John Loetscher
4 Apr 2018 ASHRAE- On Time & In Budget, Panel Discussion [RSVP]
2 Apr 2018 CEC- no meeting today
26 Mar 2018 CEC Tour - Victory Sign Industries
21 Mar 2018 SWE- Goal Setting with a Dream Board, DeJuan Jordan
19 Mar 2018 CEC- no meeting
16 Mar 2018 CRMA/ASQ- Lean Journey, Mueller Water, Thomas Castillo [RSVP+$]
12 Mar 2018 Chattanooga Green Prix
7 Mar 2018 ASHRAE- After the Mold Rush- Solving Mold Problems, Henry Slack, EPA [RSVP]
26 Feb 2018 CEC TOUR at 12:30pm- Tennessee Rand [RSVP for lunch]
23 Feb 2018 National Engineers Week Banquet with Dr. Thomas Zacharia [RSVP]
19 Feb 2018 National Engineers Week Luncheon with Tom Kline [RSVP]
12 Feb 2018 CEC- Murray County Inland Port, Illya Copeland
7 Feb 2018 ASHRAE- All Things Refrigerants, Dr. Brian Fricke, ORNL [RSVP]
5 Feb 2018 CEC- no meeting
29 Jan 2018 CEC- no meeting
18 Jan 2018 IEEE- Annual Meeting, Grid Resiliency (Clayton Clem) RSVP
15 Jan 2018 CEC- no meeting
12 Jan 2018 CRMA- Card Monroe's Tufting University
8 Jan 2018 CEC+ChaTech+IEEE- International Maritime Security Associates
3 Jan 2018 ASHRAE- Preventing Condensing in Non-Condensing Appliances
1 Jan 2018 CEC- no meeting
25 Dec 2017 CEC- no meeting
18 Dec 2017 CEC- no meeting
11 Dec 2017 CEC- Reflect & Anticipate, Club results & resolve
6 Dec 2017 CEC- Joint meeting with ASHRAE [RSVP for Lunch]
4 Dec 2017 CEC- no meeting Monday, see Wednesday
2 Dec 2017 FIRST Lego Regional Robotics Competition
27 Nov 2017 CEC- no meeting
20 Nov 2017 CEC- no meeting
13 Nov 2017 CEC meeting- Silicon Metal Production for Photovoltaics, Johan Grobbelaar
7 Nov 2017 CEC- Officers meeting
7 Nov 2017 ASME- Connectivity in Networked Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Dr. Daniel Pack
6 Nov 2017 Putting “D” in HVAC, Jonathan Jones, Ultra-Aire
1 Nov 2017 ASHRAE-
30 Oct 2017 CEC- no meeting
23 Oct 2017 CEC- TOUR at Woodbridge Foam [Registration requested]
17 Oct 2017 ASCE Chattanooga Development Symposium
16 Oct 2017 MFG DAY- Business Incubator
12 Oct 2017 MFG DAY TOUR- Fillauer
10 Oct 2017 MFG DAY TOUR- Astec
9 Oct 2017 CEC meeting- NW GA Bikeway & Pedestrian Routes, Terry Reynolds,
4 Oct 2017 ASHRAE- Code Forum with City Inspectors
2 Oct 2017 CEC meeting- STEP-UP Chattanooga, Dr. Jeff Rector
2 Oct 2017 October Manufacturing Month Tours
28 Sep 2017 ASME season kickoff BBQ
25 Sep 2017 CEC meeting- Redesign of Historic East Lake Park, Mo Minkara & David Mason
11 Sep 2017 CEC- 3D Printing for Reactor Refueling Training, Robert Temple, Westinghouse
7 Sep 2017 Hot-dip Galvanizing by Energ3 & green|spaces
6 Sep 2017 ASHRAE
4 Sep 2017 LABOR DAY - no meeting
28 Aug 2017 TOUR: Davron Technologies, Inc., Ron Speicher, Chairman & CEO, and Stephen Snyder, Mechanical Engineer
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