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    • 25 Jun 2018
    • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
    • 701 E ML King Blvd.

    On site at the SimCenter at UTC.  The feature of the day will be the Unmanned Systems Lab (USL). The research focus is in developing unmanned cooperative robotic technologies.  In this lab they develop and program a group of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), also known as drones, and/or ground robots to perform missions cooperatively with little to no human input.  Some areas using this system include:  search and rescue, single and multiple target tracking, extending GPS range indoors and creating ad-hoc networks in disaster areas.  The project that has gained the most attention is controlling a drone with brain waves. It's  still in its early phases, but they use brain signals from an electroencephalogram (EEG) to send commands to the drone to take off and land.  Finally, they will give a general overview of a project using drones to help end Malaria in parts of Africa.


    Parking for this event is available at UTC in Lot 49.  Parking passes for Lot 49 will be provided.  Entrance to the building is adjacent to the parking lot.  SimCenter is on the corner of Peeples and E ML King at 701 E ML King.

    • 9 Jul 2018
    • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
    • Foundary Grill, The Chattanoogan

    The Evolution of Environmental Engineering in the Military

    Colonel Michael R. Newberry, Retired, will present the U.S. Air Force’s environmental engineering program’s evolution from his early days working in the Bioenvironmental Engineering in 1977,  until his retirement in 2003.  Mike’s experiences start with working in the occupational health survey work, developing spill response procedures to addressing all areas of environmental protection for the Air Force.  His career was fulfilling, rewarding and inspiring which resulted in writing a book for his family, friends and grandchildren!  This presentation will be extremely informative, interesting and educational as to why engineers are required to perform the work of Bioenvironmental Engineering in the military!

    Michael R. Newberry Bio

    Colonel Michael R. Newberry’s (Retired) military career encompasses 26 years as a Bioenvironmental Engineer.  After graduating from the University of Florida with a B.S. in Environmental Engineering Sciences in 1977 Mike joined the Air Force to work in the Bioenvironmental Engineering area.  During his 26-year career he has managed numerous Air Force Bioenvironmental Engineering Departments, an Environmental Flight, and an Environmental Directorate with up to 60 employees and $30 million annual budgets.  As an environmental manager in the Pentagon, he published 17 Air Force policies signed by the Office of the Air Force Chief of Staff: co-authored the Air Force Hazardous Material Emergency Planning and Response Guide, and authored the principle Air Force environmental policy directive.  He led the rewrite of all Air Force environmental regulations into Air Force instructions.  Mike was highly successful in gaining public support for military operations by strategically developing exemplary environmental programs.

    • 23 Jul 2018
    • 12:00 PM
    Joint event with AGC and CRMA.  Details coming soon.
    • 10 Sep 2018
    • 12:00 PM
    • Chattanoogan

Past events

18 Jun 2018 CEC- no meeting today
11 Jun 2018 CEC meeting- Engineering Ethics in Action
6 Jun 2018 ASHRAE- no summer meetings
4 Jun 2018 CEC- no meeting today
28 May 2018 Memorial Day - no events
21 May 2018 CEC- no meeting today
14 May 2018 CEC meeting- HCDE Future Ready Institute
8 May 2018 ASME Tour- Lodge Mfg, May 8, 4:00p [RSVP Req'd!]
7 May 2018 CEC- no Engineers Club meeting today
2 May 2018 ASHRAE- [RSVP]
30 Apr 2018 CEC- no Engineers Club meeting today
23 Apr 2018 CEC TOUR- Mon, Apr 23 at noon, TJ Snow
16 Apr 2018 CEC- no meeting today
9 Apr 2018 CEC- Erlanger Energy Plant, Ben Edgar & John Loetscher
4 Apr 2018 ASHRAE- On Time & In Budget, Panel Discussion [RSVP]
2 Apr 2018 CEC- no meeting today
26 Mar 2018 CEC Tour - Victory Sign Industries
21 Mar 2018 SWE- Goal Setting with a Dream Board, DeJuan Jordan
19 Mar 2018 CEC- no meeting
16 Mar 2018 CRMA/ASQ- Lean Journey, Mueller Water, Thomas Castillo [RSVP+$]
12 Mar 2018 Chattanooga Green Prix
7 Mar 2018 ASHRAE- After the Mold Rush- Solving Mold Problems, Henry Slack, EPA [RSVP]
26 Feb 2018 CEC TOUR at 12:30pm- Tennessee Rand [RSVP for lunch]
23 Feb 2018 National Engineers Week Banquet with Dr. Thomas Zacharia [RSVP]
19 Feb 2018 National Engineers Week Luncheon with Tom Kline [RSVP]
12 Feb 2018 CEC- Murray County Inland Port, Illya Copeland
7 Feb 2018 ASHRAE- All Things Refrigerants, Dr. Brian Fricke, ORNL [RSVP]
5 Feb 2018 CEC- no meeting
29 Jan 2018 CEC- no meeting
18 Jan 2018 IEEE- Annual Meeting, Grid Resiliency (Clayton Clem) RSVP
15 Jan 2018 CEC- no meeting
12 Jan 2018 CRMA- Card Monroe's Tufting University
8 Jan 2018 CEC+ChaTech+IEEE- International Maritime Security Associates
3 Jan 2018 ASHRAE- Preventing Condensing in Non-Condensing Appliances
1 Jan 2018 CEC- no meeting
25 Dec 2017 CEC- no meeting
18 Dec 2017 CEC- no meeting
11 Dec 2017 CEC- Reflect & Anticipate, Club results & resolve
6 Dec 2017 CEC- Joint meeting with ASHRAE [RSVP for Lunch]
4 Dec 2017 CEC- no meeting Monday, see Wednesday
2 Dec 2017 FIRST Lego Regional Robotics Competition
27 Nov 2017 CEC- no meeting
20 Nov 2017 CEC- no meeting
13 Nov 2017 CEC meeting- Silicon Metal Production for Photovoltaics, Johan Grobbelaar
7 Nov 2017 ASME- Connectivity in Networked Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Dr. Daniel Pack
7 Nov 2017 CEC- Officers meeting
6 Nov 2017 Putting “D” in HVAC, Jonathan Jones, Ultra-Aire
1 Nov 2017 ASHRAE-
30 Oct 2017 CEC- no meeting
23 Oct 2017 CEC- TOUR at Woodbridge Foam [Registration requested]
17 Oct 2017 ASCE Chattanooga Development Symposium
16 Oct 2017 MFG DAY- Business Incubator
12 Oct 2017 MFG DAY TOUR- Fillauer
10 Oct 2017 MFG DAY TOUR- Astec
9 Oct 2017 CEC meeting- NW GA Bikeway & Pedestrian Routes, Terry Reynolds,
4 Oct 2017 ASHRAE- Code Forum with City Inspectors
2 Oct 2017 CEC meeting- STEP-UP Chattanooga, Dr. Jeff Rector
2 Oct 2017 October Manufacturing Month Tours
28 Sep 2017 ASME season kickoff BBQ
25 Sep 2017 CEC meeting- Redesign of Historic East Lake Park, Mo Minkara & David Mason
11 Sep 2017 CEC- 3D Printing for Reactor Refueling Training, Robert Temple, Westinghouse
7 Sep 2017 Hot-dip Galvanizing by Energ3 & green|spaces
6 Sep 2017 ASHRAE
4 Sep 2017 LABOR DAY - no meeting
28 Aug 2017 TOUR: Davron Technologies, Inc., Ron Speicher, Chairman & CEO, and Stephen Snyder, Mechanical Engineer
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