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CEC online event - Feasibility Study of Concussion Rehabilitation using Virtual Reality (VR)

  • 13 Apr 2020
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
  • webinar



 We are taking this no public meeting time period as a learning and growth opportunity for Chattanooga Engineers Club.

We are exploring ways to connect with our members and potential members through webinars, online conversations, and virtual tours.  We love to hear from anyone willing to "present", host, and help us learn.

Thanks to willing students and teacher at Baylor School, our first online meeting will be - 

Feasibility Study of Concussion Rehabilitation using Virtual Reality (VR)

Katy Waddell and Will Tippett, seniors at Baylor School, with their Baylor Research project.

Concussion, the most common mild-traumatic brain injury, is a difficult injury to conduct specific rehabilitation for due to its numerous  list of symptoms that encompass issues related to the body’s neurological communications, vestibular system, and oculo-motor system. Virtual reality (VR) has become a potential tool for healthcare-related applications due to its tunable environment and immersive capabilities. The work presented here demonstrates a VR prototype of exercises experiences for improving gaze stabilization and balance, designed for the VR setting; the environment created in VR allows for control over the movement of objects, the speed of the moving objects, the level of vibrancy of the colors used to create the environment, and the level of audio used for each exercise. Physical counterpart exercises as well as a detailed testing protocol were also designed for future studies to differentiate between the presence of symptoms in a control population as a result of the virtual reality and physical versions of the exercises in order to establish the program's feasibility for a study on a concussed population.

Web meeting details will be added later.


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