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CEC - Investigating Concrete Deterioration: Calcium Oxychloride Formation

  • 11 Apr 2022
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
  • Online (Zoom)


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Chattanooga Engineers Club

Joint Meeting with ACEC and TSPE

Monday, April 11


Dr. Casey Jones, Professor, Vogel School of Engineering, Bryan College

Program information:

Deicing materials are known to cause significant damage in concrete pavements. While surface scaling is one of the more readily visible deterioration mechanisms caused by deicing materials, other issues such as calcium oxychloride may also initiate pavement deterioration. Calcium oxychloride is typically associated with the use of calcium and magnesium chloride deicing products. Research has found that the use of supplementary cementitious materials such as fly ash and entrained air can be used to mitigate the impact of calcium oxychloride deterioration. For this research program cement was replaced with both a Class C and Class F fly ash and the air content in the concrete was held near 5%. Deterioration in the concrete specimens was investigated through compressive and flexural strength loss, length change and chloride penetration. Results indicate that fly ash in conjunction with entrained air will significantly mitigate calcium oxychloride deterioration. Further, an overview of previous research which focused on paste specimens will also be covered. From both the paste and concrete investigations it was found that replacing a portion of the cement with fly ash significantly reduced deterioration caused by calcium oxychloride formation.

“Investigating concrete deterioration due to calcium oxychloride formation”

Dr. Jones will present his research paper that was co-authored with Dr. Prannoy Suraneni and Dr. W. Micah Hale.

Online access information will be provided.

The event should qualify for 1 PDH.

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