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SFI - The Smart Factory Workforce Conference

  • 8 Dec 2022
  • 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
  • 2215 Parker Street NE, Cleveland, TN 37311

The Smart Factory Workforce Conference

The industry-changing impacts of Industry 4.0 advancements can only be fully realized when there are corresponding changes in the manufacturing workforce. These impacts are likely to be seen and experienced in terms of changes to the design of manufacturing work, the manufacturing worker experience, and critical worker knowledge, skill, ability, and competency requirements. The positive impacts of Industry 4.0 technologies on manufacturing will only be realized if the existing workforce can be reskilled and retained.

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The [New] Collar Worker Job Requirements

Moderated by: Terri Cassem, Human Resources Director, WACKER

Industry 4.0 technology and process advancements will change the nature of many manufacturing jobs to the point that most workers will need to possess a combination of specific skills, attributes and characteristics. Learn what to look for and develop in emerging and existing talent. The information presented in this session is from research by the University of Tennessee Chattanooga Industrial Organizational Psychology Master’s degree program and commissioned by the Smart Factory Institute. 


Accommodating the Non-Traditional Manufacturing Worker

Be part of focus groups that will look at how manufacturers can accommodate the non-traditional manufacturing worker such as women, disabled-workers, and Spanish speaking workers. These focus groups will also look at recruiting, onboarding, and retention for these non-traditional groups. 


Workshop Report Outs


Expanding Your Workforce by Embracing Flexibility

Learn about flexible solutions to help employers fill out their ranks of essential workers with a non-traditional workforce.


Business Leaders' Guide to Diversity & Inclusion

Moderated by: Moderating Coming Soon

While organizations are developing diversity and inclusion initiatives at different paces, it is clear that these initiatives are increasingly becoming embedded into organizations as a core business goal. Securing and retaining talent becomes more challenging in a tight labor market and organizations are striving to cultivate innovation through building a more diverse workforce.


Strategies to Enhance Your Talent and Capabilitiies

Moderated by: Moderating Coming Soon

To combat the tight labor market, successful manufacturers will become creative in the opportunities and messages they present to current and potential employees. Emphasizing the ways in which workers can grow and flourish, including micro-credentialing, earn-and-learn programs, and opportunities to earn credentials will help create retention and loyalty among existing and new employees.


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