Chattanooga Engineers Club

ASME - Sherman+Reilley Tour

  • 4 Apr 2023
  • 4:45 PM - 5:45 PM
  • 400 W 33rd St, Chattanooga, Tennessee 37410

ASME Chattanooga invites us to a joint event:

Tour of Sherman+Reilley

Established in 1927, Sherman+Reilly is a leading manufacturer of transmission and distribution equipment, including a complete range of overhead and underground pullers, tensioners, reel trailers, and reel stands.

In 2012, Sherman+Reilly partnered with German manufacturing company ZECK because of the commonalities between the two companies. The partnership was formed to meet customers’ transmission needs across North America. 

Anyone interested in joining the tour, should RSVP by emailing

David Peirano, PE, President of ASME Chattanooga Section 



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