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Branch Technology's Facade Reclad Project

23 Oct 2021 7:31 AM | Lulu Copeland (Administrator)

It was great to see our members in person at Chattanooga State on October 4th.  Annually, Chattanooga Engineers Club in support of the annual MFGDay in October and have coordinated and collaborated with many partners on tours to promote manufacturing in our region.  We kicked off the month on October 4th at Global Center for Digital Innovation (GCDI) and Chattanooga State Center for Engineering Technology Arts & Science (CETAS).

This was CEC's first in person event in 2021.  We did have an extra treat to pose for a group picture at the entrance to the new additional of CETAS. We noticed the beautiful installation by Branch Technology. 

Jason Vereschak, Senior Design Associate at Branch Technology, explained the Facade reclad project was created using company's C-Fab technology to freeform 3D-print the screen-like panels. The panel components were printed with a Carbon Fiber Reinforced ABS Plastic using 4 up-fitted Kuka robots. The screen consists of 2500 ft2 building coverage and 400 ftof printed volume. There are 4 unique panel geometries within 72 individual printed parts.  

The design nods to the iconic V-shaped column at the entry of the building. Upon arrival, the 3D printed screen functions as a way finding element with the V-shape panels marching along the length of the building fa├žade while guiding the visitor to the main entrance. The finish colors of the screen are complementary to the overall building aesthetic and as a result the 3DP screen becomes more of a tactile element. 

This was an added benefit of the tour.

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