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6 Dec 2021 7:10 AM | Lulu Copeland (Administrator)

Chattanooga Engineers Club will end 2021 with a meeting on December 6.  Josh Shultz, TVA's General Manager of Transmission Operation, about Solar Integration Lessons Learned.

The Club held election last month and Gabe Kurtz will be our 2022 President, and George Aslinger will be Vice President.  We thank both for their service.  We appreciate Steve Poteet for leading CEC this year. 

Several quarterly leadership meetings took place this year.  The meetings were attended by many past presidents and members of the programming and membership committee.  Some strategies and action items moving forward:

  • Adding banking account “owners” – there will be three persons each year with check signature capability. These three will need to meet at the bank in January to sign cards. The current-year President will be one of the three each year going forward. For 2022 the check signature personnel will be:
  • President - Gabe Kurtz
  • Treasurer - Richard Manning
  • Alternate/back-up - Jerry McClanahan
  • Discussed update on Wild Apricot setup and ongoing improvements in functionality, PDH generation, membership reminders, etc.
  • Discussed the current “backup plan” for various responsibility roles.
  • Discussed 2022 programming. Please submit suggestions for additional topics and tours. Please reach out to your networks and submit ideas. 
  • Discussed “in-person” vs “virtual” meeting options for 2022. May try to do a little of both. It seems that overall attendance is higher with virtual. May also do a “hybrid” where attendees will have the option of virtual attendance. 

Please contact CEC leadership team to share inputs.

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