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2022 Chattanooga E-Week Kick-Off

26 Feb 2022 7:10 PM | Gabe Kurtz (Administrator)

The 2022 Chattanooga E-Week with the title ‘Reimagining the Possible’ was kicked off with the traditional E-Week luncheon on February 21st. For being an annual event to raise public awareness about engineering and contributions that engineers make to society, the E-Week luncheon definitely made a mark.

Besides starting out not only with a lineup of the current and past presidents in attendance of one of the oldest engineering societies, the Chattanooga Engineers Club, an introduction and information of the 17 partner organizations that made the event possible, along with the technology partner, Peak Performance, a history of E-Week, scholarship donations given to UTC, Chattanooga State, Bryan College, and Cleveland State by ASQ, CEC, E-Week, and SWE with closing remarks by Senator Bo Watson, the highlight to current innovation for working forward in the United States and the world in the battery technology space and demands, Keynote speakers Daniel Deas, COO, and Harrison Kreafle, CTO, of Novonix were introduced by supporter former U.S. Senator Bob Corker.

Senator Bob Corker informed of his background involvement in supporting bringing the Novonix headquarters into the Chattanooga area. In addition, emphasized that Novonix would have the ability to onshore an essential product in making lithium auto batteries, an important component to the future of electric vehicles. With meeting Daniel Deas, who grew up in Chattanooga, and Harrison Kreafle, who grew up in North Georgia, came to understand what Novonix was doing to advance Chattanooga, this industry, and the community.

With the majority of all lithium-ion batteries and their raw materials being produced in China and virtually a non-existing supply chain in North America, Novonix is working towards solving this dilemma from research performed in using advanced processes that would be performed within the United States. Novonix is ‘Reimagining the Possible’ through research and process changes for better battery technology, which is in demand for not only electric vehicles, but for the future of grid energy storage with the increased grid capacity of renewables, such as wind and solar power. In addition, Novonix is re-establishing U.S. manufacturing in this space, securing U.S. cell manufacturer supply chains, and providing materials for the U.S. to compete on a world stage.

If you would like more information, please see the agenda or videos of the event by clicking the links below:

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2022 E-Week Luncheon - Keynote Speakers

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